Monday, July 25, 2016

How to change my Hotmail password in Windows Live Hotmail?

There is a friend asked me: How can change the Windows Live Hotmail password is the password, in the new version.
Here we will introduce you to the Hotmail password changes in the new version.
VFA when you know your Hotmail password changes then the old version for Hotmail password changes in the new version is very simple. Since most of this method is the same as in the old Hotmail interface.

First you need to log in to get started.

Make sure that you start by typing into your browser to, instead of clicking any links in the message type in the mail or on another site, even this one!

Now, in the right corner, you'll see the "Options". Click it:

The option you want is at the bottom, more .... That choice and you will see a familiar set of choices in your window:

You want to be the first, and do not be surprised if it promptly ask you to enter your password again:

Now you will be on "" (check the URL in your browser) and you will have something like this:

You can see the "Change" blue immediately adjacent to my password. That's what you want to hit.