Monday, July 25, 2016

How to change my Hotmail password in Windows Live Hotmail?

There is a friend asked me: How can change the Windows Live Hotmail password is the password, in the new version.
Here we will introduce you to the Hotmail password changes in the new version.
VFA when you know your Hotmail password changes then the old version for Hotmail password changes in the new version is very simple. Since most of this method is the same as in the old Hotmail interface.

First you need to log in to get started.

Make sure that you start by typing into your browser to, instead of clicking any links in the message type in the mail or on another site, even this one!

Now, in the right corner, you'll see the "Options". Click it:

The option you want is at the bottom, more .... That choice and you will see a familiar set of choices in your window:

You want to be the first, and do not be surprised if it promptly ask you to enter your password again:

Now you will be on "" (check the URL in your browser) and you will have something like this:

You can see the "Change" blue immediately adjacent to my password. That's what you want to hit.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hotmail Users Report Blank Inboxes

Our website is trying to bring more useful articles to send to all of you. You are a person interested in social networking applications, you frequently use a computer and communicate with friends, with those around you through those applications, such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, ... Please spend some of your time to learn through our articles, be sure it will help you a lot. Here we will answer questions or encounter users.

"I have a Hotmail account since I remember myself on the web (1990)," wrote Yair Gil used. "I've logged into it on December 31, 2010 at around 06: 30hrs .. There is an error message and a hotmail account 'new' with a welcome message system first All mail earlier in mailbox is gone and all folders are created and no ".

According to information posted on the official blog of Microsoft support for Windows Live, some users report that all their Hotmail account was removed completely without warning.

However, it's not as if Microsoft has-for whatever reason, unplug your account. Users can still log on sans issue. However, they come empty inbox: No custom folders, no messages in "Sent" or "delete", nothing. As expected, the abruptness (and unexpectedness) of the purge has left some users of Hotmail for long periods in the dark a little bit.

There was no indication of how many Hotmail users affected by whatever it is that is happening on the end of Microsoft. Report of an email outage, for lack of a better term, has emerged on the board help of Microsoft since early last week. According reaction moderator ', Microsoft product group is allegedly aware of this issue and are actively looking into anything could be.

But that's about as specific as Microsoft has been working with its explanation as to why their inbox in the whole-are wiped out. Also, there was no indication as to what, if anything, Microsoft will be able to recover. As many of the group's Microsoft Solutions Center quick to point out, a message on the last recovery of Microsoft, after deletion, do not always work as expected. A special exception may be made to the common problem but, again, that is just speculation at this point.

Typically, a user's Hotmail account to delete automatically increased if it is not moved for a period of 120 days or within 10 days of first activation. At that point, all messages, contacts, and folders to be tossed, but the email account itself is still eligible for activation during 90 days, or 210 days in total.

We'll keep tabs on this story and update with any information from Microsoft's end as soon as it is available.
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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Microsoft admits reading Hotmail inbox of blogger

In 2012, Microsoft has warned about the fact that the blogger, whose identity was being withheld in court papers, was given some lines stolen code from not-yet-released OS Windows 8.
The blogger then send a screenshot of the Windows operating system has not been released on his blog.
To find out the source of the leak, Microsoft began an investigation and, as part of that search, look at the accounts of bloggers to find out the name of the employee.
The search was legal because it falls on the state services that companies can access account information stored on "Communication Services" of his, including email, chat areas , forums, and other media from Microsoft.

On Thursday, the company acknowledged the anonymous blogger's email read to determine an employee suspected of leaking information.
Microsoft owns Hotmail, a free email service called now.
John Frank, Microsoft's deputy general manager, said it was "extraordinary action in this case."
While the search is technically legal, he said Microsoft will consult with external consultants in the future.

Legal actions
Microsoft's actions came to light this week as part of a legal case by US prosecutors against former employees of Microsoft, Alex Kibalko, a Russian native who is based in documents Lebanon corporate rooms.
The terms of service added: "Microsoft has the right to review materials posted to the Communication Services and to remove any materials in its sole discretion."
However, disclosure of the search has led to renewed focus on the violations of the privacy of technology companies.
It has also left Microsoft in a quandary, as the company often criticized rival Google to automatically scan the user's email it to serve them with ads.
Microsoft is caught up in a privacy storm after admitting it read a blogger's Hotmail mailbox while pursuing an investigation into the leaked software.
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Monday, May 16, 2016

Sending an email with Hotmail

Try to discover your way hotmail. After your registration is complete hotmail account, send messages to friends and relatives ban. Read and refer to the article below us.

- Email is not difficult for people who regularly use a computer, but it's quite complicated for beginners to become familiar with computers, computer networks.
- In this article I will be guided step by step How to send an email with Hotmail and how to send attachments with email.

Step 1: Signin Hotmail state hotmail email Step 1
Step 2: Click the "NEW" to start writing Email
Step 3: Fill out the information
- Complete information: email address to send it to, title Email, Email to send content.

Step 4: Insert an attachment in email
- If you need to send multiple email attachments, we can compress files into one file that then attach to outgoing email.
Step 5: Complete the email with Hotmail
Thus, with just a few simple steps we were able to send email and send email attachments with Hotmail's email address to relatives, friends and partners.
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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Microsoft confident: The security of Outlook more Gmail

Recently, security forms with Gmail's two-step verification has received much attention from Internet users after the journalist Mat Honan's technology news site Wired was hacked last Wednesday 3/8.

Hackers have taken advantage of the vulnerability of the Amazon and Apple to control Honan's iCloud account. Then, hackers took over the Gmail account, remotely manipulated to delete all data from the computer MacBook Air, iPhone and iPad, controls his Twitter account and Hotmail account of his former company, Gizmodo. One of the reasons that hackers could seize control of the accounts and equipment of Honan was because he did not enable two-step verification on Gmail.

Microsoft said it is actively working to provide services to users of its webmail a perfect security, without having to use two-step verification forms such as Google's Gmail.

• Light spokesman said Microsoft Outlook will have much higher security by providing the "single-use code" (password used once only).

Juxta here, security in the form of Gmail's two-step verification has received much attention from Internet users after the journalist Mat Honan's technology news site was hacked Wired.
Hotmail said it is actively working to provide services to users of its webmail a perfect security, without having to use two-step verification forms such as Google's Gmail. Instead, it wants to offer a solution "strong" but not cause inconvenience to the users of its services.

Currently, does not offer security forms two-step verification as Google's Gmail service; methods require the user to enter the correct account password and a verification code sent to your phone Google users to be able to log into your account on a public computer.

When asked by the media about the security of the new webmail service, a spokesman for Microsoft said Outlook will have much higher security by providing the "single-use code" (password to use a once only).
"Single-use code" is the only disposable code is sent to the user's mobile phone via a text message (provided the phone number associated with the account); and users can use the code to log on to your e-mail account without a password. In this way, users can log service account on a public computer without having to be too concerned about a keylogger that can steal your password because this script never be "reused" !

The spokesman also said Microsoft has poured a lot of money and human resources in the research and development of security since only the new service in the "embryonic stage"; with the goal of finding a form of protection of user accounts more convenient two-step verification requires confirmation using the code and password.

The representative added that the company was "keeping an eye" to the two-step verification forms like Gmail, but later decided to abandon the offer to find that only a small number of Gmail users actually use forms present.
When Mashable brings questions of users about security measures to Google, a company spokesman answered fairly generic "We have millions of users to form two-step verification, and thousands of registered users new use every day. "
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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Cannot display web page - Hotmail problem that shows an error page

The problem is not unique to Hotmail. All web based email services such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail server outage sometimes it leaves behind users disappointed. For this reason, I always recommend that users set the Hotmail e-mail accounts on their computers. FYI, any e-mail program will be able to download and store email from Hotmail.

Anyway, back to the Hotmail can not display the web page issues here are a few things I recommend:

  • Check that your network connection is working - try downloading a popular site like Yahoo or Google.
  • Make sure Caps Lock and / or Num Lk (Number Lock) is not on by mistake. You can not log into your email account with an incorrect password!
  • Be sure that no large downloads in progress are hogging all the bandwidth.
  • Clear the cache of web browsers: For example, see how to delete the temporary Internet files in Internet Explorer web browser.
  • Try to download the Hotmail site through a web browser. Check Google's Chrome web browser - my favorite! Make sure that its cache is empty too.
  • Using another computer if possible.
  • Try using a different internet connection - the fault may lie with the ISP.
  • If you have trouble logging into your account, please refer to the Hotmail sign in problems article to change the settings of your web browser which could be the cause of the problem; especially when there is no web page is displayed after a successful login. Change HTTP settings of Internet Explorer web browser has solved the problem for a number of subscribers according to the feedback I get.

  • You may also consider downloading Hotmail email on your computer by using a client such as Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail.

Problems or issues ISP Hotmail - Can not display the webpage
The "Can not display the webpage" is usually displayed when there is a problem in Internet connection - very low transfer rates or simply do not have active connections. Thus, the problem can make the Internet service provider (ISP). However, we should not deny the possibility that sometimes some scripts may not work in Hotmail leads to this error page is displayed. If the problem is really as Hotmail, there is little you can do to solve it. I recommend patience and your checking account after an hour or so.
In the past few days, many users have reported seeing a "can not display the webpage" message instead of the Hotmail e-mail account of them. Thus, instead of the inbox with Hotmail email message, an error page is displayed in the browser. Hotmail signs of this problem is a recurring problem, but this "can not display the webpage" normally go up after the subscriber has successfully logged into your account.
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hotmail password reset

Refer to the article on our site to better understand difficult issues when your gas while using hotmail.
On the login screen click "forgot password"
The links Forgot your password displayed just below the login fields Hotmail

You will come to reset your password screen - below. Enter your Windows Live ID (email address in full) followed wavy characters shown in the image (CAPTCHA) and then click "Continue".

Why you need to enter the alphabet and numbers in the picture? To prove that you are a Hotmail man. The problem is, wavy text can be read and understood by humans, but will cause problems for the program automatically. "Bad guys" create such programs to gain access or change the password of your email account. This way, if you can not decipher the characters displayed, click on the button with two arrows to refresh the image and get another set. The visually impaired use the button with a speaker to listen to an audio clip.
There are two ways to get hold of your Hotmail password
There are two ways to reset the Hotmail passwords. The first involves proving your identity by providing location information and answering the security question that you set at the time of creating the Hotmail account. The second way is to have your password reset instructions sent to your alternate email; hwoever, this works only if the information provided at the time the Hotmail account.

Enter your location information and answer security questions
Let us move forward and try to retrieve forgotten passwords using Hotmail place details and security question.
Select your country / region from the drop-down menu, enter your postal code, select the correct State / Territory and enter the answer to the security question is displayed. Please note, the address field will vary depending on your geographic location and what you provide at the time of account creation.

Suppose you have succeeded in delivering Hotmail to answer correctly to the question of security and location information, you will reach the final screen through which you can change the password.
Answers to common problems
What if you forget the answer to your security question?
Unfortunately, there is no way to reset the Hotmail account password if you have forgotten the answer to your security question too! In this way, the answer is case sensitive. If you can not get it right, I'm sorry to say but you're out of luck (unless you get password information at your alternate email). But having said that, do not be discouraged too quickly, give it a try a few times.
Forget the place you eat when you create an account
Recall the residence where you were when you created your account. After all, how many places you can change in the course of a few years?
One of the most common causes of problems Hotmail login password is lost. So if you have forgotten important part of the information, follow these simple steps by step instructions below to reset it and get access to your Hotmail email account
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Manage emails in your account

Sake, because of difficulties last time Hotmail users have encountered. We are trying to learn and try to solve more problems lay sent to everyone. Rest assured that these articles are meant very important to you.
Learn how to create Hotmail folders to better classify and organize your email messages. You can also automatically sort mail into folders using Hotmail filters.
Every Hotmail account has five default folders - Inbox, Junk, Drafts, Sent and Deleted.Va them on the left side on the screen.
Look at the pictures below.

A folder with unread messages (or later) will have its name in bold with unread messages in parenthesis. New email Inbox and if identified as spam or phishing by automatic spam filter Hotmail, go straight to the Junk folder.

What are folders and how do they help?
You can examine the folders in Hotmail similar to a drawer in your wardrobe. Just as you use the drawer to sort clothes and your accessories, Hotmail folders to help you organize your email messages. With a 5GB storage for your Hotmail account, you can collect hundreds (even thousands) of emails from time to time and if all the lies in your inbox, it will be a big mess. Not only Hotmail offers five default folders to manage it basically allows you to create folders (customizable) to help organize email. Sort mail into folders have many advantages:

  • Keep your inbox clean and tidy.
  • Quarantined email messages.
  • Help in locating a quick email.

The default folder Hotmail
As mentioned above, there are five default folders for each Hotmail account. A folder name can appear in bold if it is unread email to denote the number of unread messages.

Hotmail mailbox folders
Store all legitimate email. Any message that is caught by the spam filter automatically be sent to the junk folder.

Junk folder
Collect all emails marked by the Hotmail junk filter. This automatic filtering process is far from perfect and sometimes email lawful is also marked as spam and sent to this directory. You can change the message back to the inbox (or a custom folder) is easy - just how to move Hotmail email. Please check this folder filters regularly helps to learn and improve over time. Normally, the risk of spam and phishing emails to those caught by the spam filter. One piece of advice - if you find a spam in your inbox, do not just delete it and not pick it up and marked as spam.

Drafts and Sent folders
Emails you send from your Hotmail account are stored in the Sent folder. If you're running short of time, you can always save the message you are composing to return to it later. These messages will be placed in the Drafts folder. FYI, install Hotmail allows you to change the default action of saving sent messages in the Sent folder.

Deleted folder
The email messages you delete will be moved to this directory.
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Monday, April 25, 2016

Login account with Microsoft to use Windows Live Mail?

In Windows Live Mail, you're signed in with a Microsoft account. Then it will display and display your name when you log in is complete.

Login button when you log out and log

To use Mail with other service using your Microsoft account sign Microsoft.

To understand more about why you should sign in, here I say quick simple steps:

1.Click the Start button Picture of the Start button to open the Windows Live Mail. Mail typed in the search bar, it will  the approved list, results, then click Windows Live Mail.

2.Click Login on the Home tab.

3.Fill out your account information, such as name and password. For remember me if you want to always sign in with this account, and then click OK.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

How to create a Hotmail account

In large corporations always have a Microsoft account like Hotmail emails ..... small full Hotmail also features a regular email like Gmail from Google.

For it is easy Hotmail accounts created with high security features and it is provided free account .After Htomail you can receive or send emails to friends and colleagues as well as easy access to applications via the Microsoft website.

Take a little time to sign up for a Hotmail account now.

Step 1: First open a web browser and click here to register.

Step 2: Next enter the required information in the boxes below:


- Name: name you want to create an account.

- Password: Create a password (at least 8 characters is case sensitive, including letters, numbers and special characters)

- Enter the password: Enter the password entered above

- Country / Region: Country you live / work

- Date of birth: Enter day, month and year of your birth.

- Gender: Choose your gender, if you are male Male, Female if you are female.

- Country code: country area code

- Telephone: Please give 0 and continue entering your phone number.

- Alternate e-mail address: Enter the recovery email account, which is used in case you forget your password or hacked Hotmail.

- Type the characters you see: enter the code that you see, if the password is too difficult to see, and you are not sure with it Click New to get a new code.

After completing all the necessary information you click Create Account

The process of creating your Hotmail account was successful, you can use it right now. Good luck!

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Friday, April 22, 2016

The best way to secure your Hotmail account

The best way to secure your Hotmail account
Use strong passwords
This is the first important thing to keep in y.De nobody can use any algorithm to guess your password, you should use a reliable and secure password. You care about this right? So how strong your password? You read through the following requirements.

- Not a word in the dictionary (irrespective of any language)

- There must be a change in the dictionary

- Not a sequential manner wordrepeated

- Do not include any personal information (date of birth, name, identity card number ...)

follow the instructions to create a password that Microsoft's offer if you want to remember your password to generate a random password.

connection using HTTPS
 before you use the traditional methods now HTTP and HTTPS instead you should use it, so you will be using a means of ensuring communications between the server and your computer Hotmail. For example, you have a connection to prevent hackers in the exchange of information, thoseconnection will stopimmediately, then hackers will not get any information. It looks like we will see the owner of the website through the browser address bar displays a modern blue bar there. Make sure your employer khi open it is Microsoft Corporation.

The following information is displayed in Internet Explorer:

And screenshots of Firefox:

You managed to access the Microsoft SSL and select "Use HTTPS automatically" to always use HTTPS always.

Note: You might encounter a case with HTTPS if you are using Outlook Hotmail Connector with clients or Windows Mobile. You can skip the above settings and select "Do not use HTTPS automatically". to check your email please always open Hotmail
Password Reset Information
Make sure that the account in Hotmail Password Reset Information sectionreset always be the case, you'll reset your password by using this information in case you forget your password. visit Windows Live account to reset the password information,

You always have a secondary email address (can be attached in a Hotmail account) to reset your password information will be sent to this email if you acciden tally forget.

In several countries, users can add their phone number on the option to recover your password. The information will be sent to the phone number used to register the account.

You can also add to the Trusted PC if you just use your account on a computer. Windows Live Essentials need to be installed to ensure this feature can work.

And finally is the question of security. They also should be ensure safety as passwords, you should designate a safe answer to prevent hackers.

Using Hotmail on public computer

There will be the times when you need to check your email on a public computer, when your personal computer is not available for use. First only use HTTPS instead of simple protocol HTTP. The “Get a single use code to sign in with” feature is a great choice for users from 1supported countries. Instead of having to type in your master password, the user will be given a code on the mobile phone. You can use the code generated automatically to log into your Hotmail account in a certain time.

Only with the basic knowledge you can use the Hotmail service safely without leaking threats or hackers.