Friday, April 22, 2016

The best way to secure your Hotmail account

The best way to secure your Hotmail account
Use strong passwords
This is the first important thing to keep in y.De nobody can use any algorithm to guess your password, you should use a reliable and secure password. You care about this right? So how strong your password? You read through the following requirements.

- Not a word in the dictionary (irrespective of any language)

- There must be a change in the dictionary

- Not a sequential manner wordrepeated

- Do not include any personal information (date of birth, name, identity card number ...)

follow the instructions to create a password that Microsoft's offer if you want to remember your password to generate a random password.

connection using HTTPS
 before you use the traditional methods now HTTP and HTTPS instead you should use it, so you will be using a means of ensuring communications between the server and your computer Hotmail. For example, you have a connection to prevent hackers in the exchange of information, thoseconnection will stopimmediately, then hackers will not get any information. It looks like we will see the owner of the website through the browser address bar displays a modern blue bar there. Make sure your employer khi open it is Microsoft Corporation.

The following information is displayed in Internet Explorer:

And screenshots of Firefox:

You managed to access the Microsoft SSL and select "Use HTTPS automatically" to always use HTTPS always.

Note: You might encounter a case with HTTPS if you are using Outlook Hotmail Connector with clients or Windows Mobile. You can skip the above settings and select "Do not use HTTPS automatically". to check your email please always open Hotmail
Password Reset Information
Make sure that the account in Hotmail Password Reset Information sectionreset always be the case, you'll reset your password by using this information in case you forget your password. visit Windows Live account to reset the password information,

You always have a secondary email address (can be attached in a Hotmail account) to reset your password information will be sent to this email if you acciden tally forget.

In several countries, users can add their phone number on the option to recover your password. The information will be sent to the phone number used to register the account.

You can also add to the Trusted PC if you just use your account on a computer. Windows Live Essentials need to be installed to ensure this feature can work.

And finally is the question of security. They also should be ensure safety as passwords, you should designate a safe answer to prevent hackers.

Using Hotmail on public computer

There will be the times when you need to check your email on a public computer, when your personal computer is not available for use. First only use HTTPS instead of simple protocol HTTP. The “Get a single use code to sign in with” feature is a great choice for users from 1supported countries. Instead of having to type in your master password, the user will be given a code on the mobile phone. You can use the code generated automatically to log into your Hotmail account in a certain time.

Only with the basic knowledge you can use the Hotmail service safely without leaking threats or hackers.

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