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Manage emails in your account

Sake, because of difficulties last time Hotmail users have encountered. We are trying to learn and try to solve more problems lay sent to everyone. Rest assured that these articles are meant very important to you.
Learn how to create Hotmail folders to better classify and organize your email messages. You can also automatically sort mail into folders using Hotmail filters.
Every Hotmail account has five default folders - Inbox, Junk, Drafts, Sent and Deleted.Va them on the left side on the screen.
Look at the pictures below.

A folder with unread messages (or later) will have its name in bold with unread messages in parenthesis. New email Inbox and if identified as spam or phishing by automatic spam filter Hotmail, go straight to the Junk folder.

What are folders and how do they help?
You can examine the folders in Hotmail similar to a drawer in your wardrobe. Just as you use the drawer to sort clothes and your accessories, Hotmail folders to help you organize your email messages. With a 5GB storage for your Hotmail account, you can collect hundreds (even thousands) of emails from time to time and if all the lies in your inbox, it will be a big mess. Not only Hotmail offers five default folders to manage it basically allows you to create folders (customizable) to help organize email. Sort mail into folders have many advantages:

  • Keep your inbox clean and tidy.
  • Quarantined email messages.
  • Help in locating a quick email.

The default folder Hotmail
As mentioned above, there are five default folders for each Hotmail account. A folder name can appear in bold if it is unread email to denote the number of unread messages.

Hotmail mailbox folders
Store all legitimate email. Any message that is caught by the spam filter automatically be sent to the junk folder.

Junk folder
Collect all emails marked by the Hotmail junk filter. This automatic filtering process is far from perfect and sometimes email lawful is also marked as spam and sent to this directory. You can change the message back to the inbox (or a custom folder) is easy - just how to move Hotmail email. Please check this folder filters regularly helps to learn and improve over time. Normally, the risk of spam and phishing emails to those caught by the spam filter. One piece of advice - if you find a spam in your inbox, do not just delete it and not pick it up and marked as spam.

Drafts and Sent folders
Emails you send from your Hotmail account are stored in the Sent folder. If you're running short of time, you can always save the message you are composing to return to it later. These messages will be placed in the Drafts folder. FYI, install Hotmail allows you to change the default action of saving sent messages in the Sent folder.

Deleted folder
The email messages you delete will be moved to this directory.
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