Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hotmail password reset

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On the login screen click "forgot password"
The links Forgot your password displayed just below the login fields Hotmail

You will come to reset your password screen - below. Enter your Windows Live ID (email address in full) followed wavy characters shown in the image (CAPTCHA) and then click "Continue".

Why you need to enter the alphabet and numbers in the picture? To prove that you are a Hotmail man. The problem is, wavy text can be read and understood by humans, but will cause problems for the program automatically. "Bad guys" create such programs to gain access or change the password of your email account. This way, if you can not decipher the characters displayed, click on the button with two arrows to refresh the image and get another set. The visually impaired use the button with a speaker to listen to an audio clip.
There are two ways to get hold of your Hotmail password
There are two ways to reset the Hotmail passwords. The first involves proving your identity by providing location information and answering the security question that you set at the time of creating the Hotmail account. The second way is to have your password reset instructions sent to your alternate email; hwoever, this works only if the information provided at the time the Hotmail account.

Enter your location information and answer security questions
Let us move forward and try to retrieve forgotten passwords using Hotmail place details and security question.
Select your country / region from the drop-down menu, enter your postal code, select the correct State / Territory and enter the answer to the security question is displayed. Please note, the address field will vary depending on your geographic location and what you provide at the time of account creation.

Suppose you have succeeded in delivering Hotmail to answer correctly to the question of security and location information, you will reach the final screen through which you can change the password.
Answers to common problems
What if you forget the answer to your security question?
Unfortunately, there is no way to reset the Hotmail account password if you have forgotten the answer to your security question too! In this way, the answer is case sensitive. If you can not get it right, I'm sorry to say but you're out of luck (unless you get password information at your alternate email). But having said that, do not be discouraged too quickly, give it a try a few times.
Forget the place you eat when you create an account
Recall the residence where you were when you created your account. After all, how many places you can change in the course of a few years?
One of the most common causes of problems Hotmail login password is lost. So if you have forgotten important part of the information, follow these simple steps by step instructions below to reset it and get access to your Hotmail email account
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