Monday, May 16, 2016

Sending an email with Hotmail

Try to discover your way hotmail. After your registration is complete hotmail account, send messages to friends and relatives ban. Read and refer to the article below us.

- Email is not difficult for people who regularly use a computer, but it's quite complicated for beginners to become familiar with computers, computer networks.
- In this article I will be guided step by step How to send an email with Hotmail and how to send attachments with email.

Step 1: Signin Hotmail state hotmail email Step 1
Step 2: Click the "NEW" to start writing Email
Step 3: Fill out the information
- Complete information: email address to send it to, title Email, Email to send content.

Step 4: Insert an attachment in email
- If you need to send multiple email attachments, we can compress files into one file that then attach to outgoing email.
Step 5: Complete the email with Hotmail
Thus, with just a few simple steps we were able to send email and send email attachments with Hotmail's email address to relatives, friends and partners.
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